Treatment of papillomas with folk remedies

Treatment of papillomas is a long process that requires patience and the right approach. Not everyone can afford treatment in the clinic, because usually the method of treatment is not cheap. Folk remedies are a method of removing papillomas on their own. There is an economical way. Read about how to get rid of papillomas at home in the next article.

How to remove papillomas on the body

Origin and nature of infection

Papilloma or PVI (human papillomavirus infection) refers to viral infectious diseases. It is characterized by the appearance and development of bulges on the skin and mucous membranes, similar to warts on the "legs", sometimes they can be on an extensive basis. The surface of the neoplasm is uneven, somewhat similar to a miniature head of cauliflower.

The color of papillomas is different: from white to dark brown, and it can appear everywhere: on the face (around the eyes, eyelids), under the arms, on the neck, in the décolleté, under the breasts in women.

Often, the papilloma virus manifests itself on the mucous membranes of the mouth, pharynx, paranasal sinuses, even the vocal cords. There are cases when PVI was found in the gastric mucosa, in the bladder, but most often it settles on the genitals. No matter how they assure that 80%-90% of the world's population is infected with human papillomavirus infection, one cannot ignore its presence and do not take any measures.

Usually, the immune system first enters the fight with this virus and successfully overcomes it while not allowing it to cover the whole body. But in the present times, few can boast of a healthy and strong immune system. , so PVI attacks more and more aggressively.

It is generally accepted that getting into the human body, the papilloma virus accumulates, and under favorable conditions (decrease in defense, stress, and so on) begins to progress.

Sexual life, bad habits, exposure to stress, prolonged drug use, visiting public places with high humidity (swimming pools, beaches) only increase the risk of PVI. Infection often occurs through sexual contact or contact-householdThere is a high probability of transmission of the virus from a sick mother to a newborn child. In an adult, the disease manifests itself in 2-3 months.

Why remove papillomas

Some are of the opinion that it is not necessary to remove the papilloma. If the formation is benign and not exposed to external factors (for example, a papilloma persistent in the abdomen with a belt buckle, or a wart on the back of the neck with a belt)If rubbed with, then, in principle, it is not necessary to remove it. However, it is worth remembering the following facts:

  • Unremoved papillomas can become a source of self-infection.
  • Papilloma is a benign formation. However, in a certain situation, it can be malignant.
  • You can infect family and friends with the virus through household contact.

Therefore, before thinking about how to remove papillomas, think about your health and the health of your loved ones. You can always choose the method of removal and the place where it will be: in a private clinic, a public outpatient clinicin or at home.

However, it is not recommended to remove papillomas on the eyelids, face, armpits, neck and other areas of the body with delicate skin.

Papillomas are small, reddish or brownish, misshapen skin growths that can be found on any part of the body (inner thighs, armpits, nose, face, chest, neck, etc. ) at any age. Causes of PapillomasMay be: hormone changes during pregnancy, scratching (clothing, jewelry, or shaving), heredity, overuse of steroids, etc. It can sometimes itch, but it doesn't hurt. Treating papillomas at homecan be done easily.

Here are some simple home remedies to get rid of papillomas.

23 proven home remedies for papillomas

Apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a popular treatment for papillomas. Take a cotton swab and soak it in two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Squeeze it to remove excess vinegar. Now apply on papillomas. Warm your face before applying this productWash off with water. Get rid of papillomas in this way about thrice a day to get effective results.

apple cider vinegar for papillomas

pineapple juice

Pineapple juice is one of the cheapest ways to treat skin papillomas. All you have to do is apply this juice on your skin with a cotton swab about twice a day.


Garlic paste is an effective remedy to combat papillomas

Garlic's antifungal and antibacterial properties make it an ideal natural remedy for sloughing off skin growths. Make a paste out of 3-4 fresh garlic cloves. Spread the paste over the damaged skin. A bandage to hold the paste in placeUse it. Use this remedy daily before sleeping until the wart gets cured.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is also great when it comes to removing papillomas at home. Lemons contain citric acid, which helps to solve the problem by breaking down the cells in the papillomas. Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice. Let it soak in. Apply this on the affected areas. Let dry. Continue two or three times daily for 2-3 weeks until the wart is completely healed.

onion juice

Onion has acidic properties. This makes it an effective treatment for warts. Cut the onion into pieces. Sprinkle 1. 5 tbsp of tea salt on the onion pieces and leave it overnight in a sealed container. In the morning, extract the juice and apply on your skin before going to bed. Use a bandage to cover your skin. Treat with this remedy until the papilloma goes away.

banana peel

Banana peel with its antioxidant properties and enzymes works wonders on the skin. Cut the banana peel into small pieces. Attach the inner part to the papilloma. You have to use a bandage to hold the banana in placeApply this treatment every night before sleeping till the problem is resolved.

duct tape

It may sound strange, but duct tape is an intensive treatment for skin rashes. Stick the duct tape on the papilloma for 10-12 days and then remove it. The results will surprise you.

nail polish

This is an effective and fun way to get rid of papillomas. Simply apply nail polish to the affected area and let it dry, then remove. Continue this process two or three times a day until you see results.

dental floss

Dental floss is not meant to be used only on teeth. It is certainly a good remedy to remove papillomas present on any part of the body. Tie floss around the base of the papillomas. Tie very tightly so that the thread does not loosen. Yes. Leave it for a week and you will see that the papilloma disappears. Note - Make sure the dental floss is clean before using it. Sterilize the thread and use gloves while working. AlsoThis process can cause pain.

Baking soda

Baking soda acts as a mild exfoliant and helps remove papillomas at home. Mix baking soda with warm water to create a consistency. Apply gently on papillomas and allow the paste to dry completely. Repeat the process, preferably twice a day for two weeks.

Fenugreek Seeds

The rich antioxidants in fenugreek seeds make it a reliable natural and natural remedy for a variety of health problems like dry hair, acne and papillomas. Soak 2-3 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in warm water overnight. Drink the water in the morning and the papillomas will begin to shrink. Treat for about 1 to 2 weeks until they disappear completely.

Fenugreek seeds for papillomas


Ginger, with its many medicinal properties, also helps in healing papillomas. Simply rub it with raw ginger on the affected area for about 2 weeks, and you can get rid of your skin problems.

Vitamin E capsule

Cut off the end of a vitamin E capsule and rub the oil into the papilloma. You can use a bandage to help absorb the oil. This will stop the blood flow and help the papilloma fall off. This process is called 1-Repeat twice a day for 2 weeks.

cauliflower juice

Consuming vegetables is always beneficial. Cauliflower is also very helpful when it comes to treating papillomas. Prepare cauliflower juice and mix it with water. Spread the juice over the papillomas. Alternatively, 1 potato, garlicMake a mixture of 2 cloves of kiwi and some cauliflower. Apply this paste on your skin every night before sleeping. Use a bandage to keep the paste in place.


Cut the potato into slices. Place these pieces over the papilloma and place it with a bandage. Repeat this for a few days. Or apply potato juice on the affected area.

tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is one of the active herbal remedies for skin papilloma removal at home. It has anti-fungal, antibacterial properties, due to which the oil dries up the papillomas.

Take a cotton pad and put it in the water. Squeeze to remove the excess water. Now put 2-3 drops of tea tree oil on the disc and gently rub on the papilloma. Do this remedy three times a day for 8-10 daysApply the bar. Note - If you have sensitive skin, dilute the oil with an equal amount of water before applying it to skin papillomas.

rice stalk juice

Rice juice is acidic in nature and helps in balancing the acid-base balance of the body. Apply the juice on papillomas 3-4 times a day. Repeat this process for 2-4 weeks until the papilloma disappears. Lets do it.

dandelion oil

Dandelion is great for treating liver and skin blemishes. Apply dandelion juice directly on the papilloma and let it dry. Repeat this process 3-4 times a day and your skin growth will start decreasing gradually. Note -Do not use this remedy if you are allergic to plants such as dandelion or calendula, chamomile. If so, avoid using this remedy.

oregano oil

Oregano oil is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Mix 2-3 drops of oregano oil with 4-6 drops of coconut oil. Apply this mixture directly on the papilloma. Repeat this thrice a dayThe papillomas will gradually begin to dry out and fall out. Note: Never use this oil alone as it may cause irritation and redness. Use it with another oil such as coconut oil. Use this product on the eyelids. Do not apply on the skin, as the eyes are very sensitive.


Cinquefoil is widely used to treat skin problems. It is potent as it can remove papillomas within 4 days, but Cinquefoil should not be used if there is no change. To Potentilla PowderMake a paste of potentilla by mixing it with water. Apply a small amount of this paste on the papillomas of the skin. Cover with a bandage and let sit for 2 hours. Then wash your face properly.

Note – This home remedy is quite good, but it can cause side effects like damage to healthy skin. Use this as a last resort.

black walnut

Little is known about it, but black walnuts are a good home remedy to treat skin conditions such as acne, warts, warts and papillomas. Take 5-10 walnuts with green husks. Remove husks from nuts, a saucePlace in the pan and cover with water. Bring to a boil and cover the saucepan with a tight lid. Leave it all day and then put it in a bottle in storage. Apply this infusion on papillomas for a day 2-Apply 3 times until they come out.

black walnut from papillomas

Castor oil

Castor oil is an excellent remedy for skin problems including papillomas. Make a thick paste by mixing castor oil and baking soda. Apply this paste on the papillomas and cover with a bandage. Do this every day for 10 days before sleepingOr, apply castor oil directly on your papillomas at least 5 times a day.

Note - You can add lemon juice to the oil to make it more palatable.