The use of the experience of the Skincell Pro

The experience of using the serum Skincell Pro July, in Brussels

The experience of the ispolsovaniya serum Skincell Pro

Hello. Today I want to share with you their thoughts, the application of a correction for warts, moles, and spots on the skin Skincell Pro. I use it every day for three months, and during this period of time was almost entirely to get rid of warts on your skin.

The story of my problems

The first wart appeared to me in the first pregnancy. In the area of the elbow, appeared in a number of arrangements, of which I am constantly in pain when the dressing is, they are caused, and the hurt. The doctor explained to me that it is a result of that I had to have a blood papilloma virus, and suggested to remove them after pregnancy.

When the child turned half of the warts on my body has become substantially larger, and so I went for the surgery. They had a week to spend in the hospital, the scars from the wart situation for a long time and hurt a lot.

But the problem I have is not freed, and after 3 months I got new warts. In addition, the growth became even faster, with your hands and fingers. They were sick, and the stroke, and how they can get rid of it, I didn't have a clue. I tried a number of pharmaceutical products, but they either do not have helped the look as if had been burning along with the wart and the healthy skin, leaving burns and causing pain to a lot of. If the effects are of a temporary nature, and to the wart to come back.

My acquaintance with the drug Skincell Pro

Experience in the use of the preparation Skincell Pro

Preparation Skincell Pro I suggested to the doctor-a dermatologist in the making. Said, that the product has no side effects and does no harm to the healthy skin, and told us how to use them. Serum works directly on the virus, destroying their own cause warts, while other products just treat the same wart at the same time again to return.

Commissioned by the I have a internet on the official web-site, since our city is not for sale. Came in post a week later, and I immediately tried.

After 2 days, the warts become much less, I wasn't expecting such a quick effect. Even after a month of her site on the skin with only a small swelling, which, in principle, there is a lot of. But I decided not to continue with the treatment, because I don't want to for the warts to grow again.

I am using now for almost three months, the drug Skincell Pro. At this time, nearly all the warts disappear completely, only the neck is a little bit smaller pauguriņiem. But I'm going to say that, after a period of time will pass and they will. I am very glad that I started using this product, because for a pretty affordable price, I was able to heal from such a painful problem, which couldn't manage even a surgical operation.